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Using Plants to Spruce Up Your Home
Redecorating with Greens & Florals

These days, going green has become a growing trend. But what most people don't know is that it may even become a basic need for a modern home! Indoor pollution is emerging as a troubling issue for business owners and families alike. One smart way to fix this is by using elements from Mother Nature herself to lessen the harmful chemicals in the air you're breathing. Make the best use of plants to redecorate and spruce up your home! From common areas to individual spaces, plants can make your home look and feel fresher and cleaner. In this blog post, we will discuss how to rearrange and redecorate the rooms in your house. We'll go over how plants can add a fresh look to your home and office and - as an added bonus - keep your home cleaner and greener! We've also prepared a list of plants that are best for those who are just starting off and want to keep things easy and elegant. We also have a rundown of plants that pet owners and parents should stay away from for their family's safety.

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Enjoy these green tips from our specialists in interior design and home improvement!

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Going Green to Upgrade Your Home

Making more eco-friendly choices in your purchases is the first step! This includes furnishings and decorative pieces in your house. Not only is it helpful to the planet, it helps keep your home free of humidity, along with hazardous toxins in the air. It's one of the simplest ways to enhance your home without emptying your pockets or needing to redo your home entirely. And as an added bonus, plants give any room a delightful touch of nature's beauty and peace.

Foyer and Side Tables

This is especially great if you want to experiment a bit while still keeping it small. You can use any style of vases you have in your home, or even an old container you have lying around. Be sure you know what level of sunlight and consistency of water replacement your plants will need so you don't give them excessive light or drown them.

Shower Caddy

Setting plants in your bathroom, starting with the shower caddy, is a terrific way to put nature's beauty in your shower room! It also cleans the air and keeps the air fresh even while you're showering. Bonus - you won't need to water them a lot!

Wall Hanging

This is perfect for rooms or apartment units where you don't have a lot space to work with in the first place. Set them in containers and hang them to the wall and work upward. Experiment with the level and positioning as much as you want to suit your style.

Table Centerpiece

You don't have to have a grand piece like at Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, a small plant in a container is the ideal way to put a clean shade of green to any room. This is suitable for areas like your dining table, coffee table or the kitchen island. Tall Potted Plants on Corners What better way to highlight your furniture than medium to larger-sized potted plants? These beauties will add a lovely touch to much bigger furnishings like the couches and entertainment sets in your living room. Best Plants for a Refresh Studies in recent years have shown that air pollution does not only exist in the streets and outdoors. As a matter of fact, air quality indoors may be as much as five times more polluted than the smoke and fog outside! Thanks to the work and effort of researchers and botanists, we have these beautiful greens to help us. Research indicates that these can "clean the air". This means they help suck in harmful chemicals and even absorb unwanted humidity from the air to help keep your home cleaner and cooler. This, of course, goes hand in hand with consistent vacuuming and dusting as well. Here is a checklist of air freshening plants that are safe for kids and pets. Needless to say, they are splendid additions anywhere in your home! Best spots include your windowsill, fireplace, bathroom, and kitchen counters, and others. Cactus & Succulents Aloe Spider Plant Little Bamboo Parlor Palm Peace Lily On the other hand, these plants are good choices if you're single or don't have any children or pets. They are toxic and could harm your treasured furry creatures and beloved kids. If you already own plants like these, you could move them to elevated spaces or any place that is not within easy reach of kids or pets. Peperomia Chinese Evergreen Snake Plant English Ivy Daffodils Hyacinth Hydrangea Iris

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